#‎AmericanAirlines n’aime pas la musique

American-airlines: banjo-detruitCe cours billet pour vous dire que si vous êtes musicien, évitez ‪#‎AmericanAirlines‬. Voici pourquoi. Cette triste histoire est arrivée à Eli Gilbert, un musicien qui habite Portland (Maine, USA) (C’est en Anglais, mais les photos sont en français)

American-airlines: banjo-detruit
It’s a lonesome feeling, when you’re traveling and American Airlines makes you gate check your instrument and then destroys it. So far I’ve been told that American Airlines may not be liable for the damage because there is no damage to the case. Obviously this is a refusal to acknowledge basic laws of physics. This instrument was obviously dropped or thrown, which is outside the realm of standard care. Furthermore, I was told my damage claim will take 10-12 weeks to process, meaning I can’t repair or replace the neck without voiding the claim. This puts me in an unreasonable position, with gigs to play and and album to finish recording.

American Airlines is refusing to accept responsibility for their employees and has left me in an untenable position as a professional musician

Please, if it’s not too much trouble, share this post with the American Airlines tag, I’d hate for anyone else to have to experience this.

This is certainly not the end of the fight for me. I’ve got plenty of time on my hands now so I’m more than happy to contact American Airlines as often as needed until I’m satisfied. Any further advice is greatly appreciated. ‪


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